A pregnancy yoga student: “For me, the pregnancy yoga classes were brilliant – in the run up to birth helping me to relax, stretch out and generally feel better. During labour, I was definitely less anxious for it, and as I was induced and the contractions came fast and furious, I used the visualisation techniques to get me through each one. I never realised how important these would become. Exercises aside, it has also been lovely to meet others before the birth of our babies – and then continue with baby yoga classes now all our beautiful babies have been born.”

Hi Saffron it’s Tessa Oldham. Just to let you know I had my beautiful baby boy on Friday 28th August. He arrived at 7.25pm after just under 24 hours of labour and weighed 7lbs 15. I was booked in for an early induction on Friday morning due to low foetal movement which must have scared baby as my waters went on Thursday at 8pm. Went to hospital and was monitored till 3am. Had contractions every 5-10 minutes but they didn’t get any closer although I was dilating. I came home to see if a more natural environment would speed things along and spent the whole night with exactly the same. I went back in at 9 for induction but had dilated to 7cm so they let me continue naturally. Again I continued with very intense and long contractions that were on average 8 minutes apart (no pain relief). It was over these hours that the yoga really came in to play. I never sat down because the poses and moving and exercising made the contractions bearable and the experience calm. I did the tree in resting time and found squatting down into contractions really helpful. At some point I went into the delivery room and was 10cm but was put on a drip to help speed up the contractions ready for pushing. I took gas and air for the last hour and pushed for 20 minutes. I was on the bed at this point but was very tired and had stood up for 23 hours! The yoga really helped me through the pain and I felt brave, strong and in control. My advice? Breathe! Love my little Harry more than the world. Thank you Saffron and good luck ladies!


I started yoga classes 11 weeks pregnant and found that saffron helped me start my pregnancy in a really positive direction. I learnt how to relax, look after my posture, help relieve back and rib pain – and got lots of extra really great advice from a real life mum! I used lots of the techniques in labour and felt empowered being able to try a variety of positions to help myself get through. I met lots of other lovely mums to be and really feel that the courses helped me become a relaxed and confident mummy to my little boy (totally the opposite to what I expected to be like!)- and we now both love attending baby yoga together!

Thanks for such an enjoyable year of yoga, from the pregnancy, to the new born and on to crawling. Freddie and I have really enjoyed bonding and moving in our favourite class.
Take care, hope to see you soon or with baby number 2!
Rachael Palmer

I’m suffering with restless legs which is really annoying when I’m trying to get to sleep but last night was the first night in ages I haven’t had it so the yoga/stretching must have helped 🙂 xxx Danielle Bennett