Each of my videos has been designed as a stand-alone yoga session but one does follow another.

Each of my videos has been designed as a stand-alone yoga session but one does follow another. You will benefit from repeating each session more them once. In each session, I make sure we warm the body up with a gentle activation to allow the joins to be freed and warm up muscles. We will always incorporate breathing exercises into the session with or without movement. After postures and sequences which stretch and strengthen your body, I will guide you through a deep relaxation. This is an important part of your pregnancy yoga session as it allows for energy to settle, you to rest deeply and healing can happen in this place. I play the same piece of relaxation music in each session, (apart from session 4) so you get used to that music and can learn to relax to it. All my sessions are for use between 14-42 weeks of pregnancy, please adjust position, with the chair, cushions or other props and most importantly listen to your body. I am trained in Hypno-birthing and we are combining yoga and hypnotherapy for birth into each session, I am inviting you to listen to your body and prepare for birth and into motherhood. I feel that it’s important to rest as much as you need to, so if you feel tired please rest and I use a chair in most session, use it as much as you need to, you could also use a birthing ball if you have one. Please have a strong sturdy chair nearby, a few cushions, a blanket and some water.


This video is the foundation of all yoga classes, to feel into your feet and connected to the earth beneath you and into your body. We warm the body up with an activation to wake and move the body then work on correct alignment. Strengthening feet exercises help you be strong from the base. We use the chair in this session to sit on and work with seated stretches then move to stand and the floor. 59mins total. 13 minutes relaxation.


I feel that transitions are as important as any other posture in pregnancy yoga. As you need to learn how to move in your changing body. The way you move matters and moving safely will reduce the risk of injuring yourself. Practicing transitions will help you to know how your body wants to move when you're in labor, you will be able to move from upright to the floor and vice versa, keeping you active and mobile. We use the chair to help support us in standing postures and stretches then transitions to hands and knees. 103 mins. 13 mins relaxation.

Optimum Fetal Position

I designed this video to help you understand why it is important to stay upright, forwards and mobile. Your body will use your movements and open pelvis to allow your baby to travel downwards. We use the chair in a different way now, so we can stay active in stretches now in pregnancy but also in labour and still easily rest when we need to. I will guild you through a deep relaxation where you allow yourself to rest and feel supported. 52mins. 15mins relaxation

Bonding with baby

Baby is here with you, we need to connect with them and feel in to baby.  They may enjoy the sound we use with the breath in this session, you may feel baby move or wiggle as the sound vibrates over them. This breath is perfect for use in labour and postnatal also to help settle your baby. We use the wall for some postures so please make sure you have a clear wall space to use.  I added an affirmation to the flowing tree sequence, you may enjoy mine or choose to use your own birth affirmation. There is no music in this relaxation to create space for you to play your own favourite piece that you have. 33mins. 3 mins relaxation.

Pelvic Floor

Pelvic floor care if important, lots of yoga exercises naturally engage and release the pelvic floor. This session helps you to build stability in the pelvis and pelvic floor to help strengthen and stabilities this area of the body that may reduce the feeling of discomfort if your experiencing pain here or to help prevent future problems. 44mins. 16mins relaxation

Birth Position

In the last video we bring everything together that we have learnt. I invite you to listen to your body and move in a free way that feels good to you in that moment. To think about being grounded and relaxed, to move in a comfortable way with smooth transitions, to be upright forwards and mobile so baby can be is the best position for birth. Bond and connect with baby, allow them space in your body and give them all that they need right now. We respect our bodies and look after the body including the pelvic floor and work on straitening the mind with breathing and relaxation techniques, choosing the right one for you in that movement in time. You are now prepared for birth, you know how to listen to your body, connect to your baby and birth in an upright, forwards and mobile way. 105mins. 20mins relaxation.