Staying Safe Guidelines

Please read before following a class online…………..

  • Please check with your midwife, health visitor or doctor that you are fit and well enough to do yoga before starting a programme.
  • Please follow the classes on this site with caution and care.
  • Not all exercises are suitable for everyone.
  • If you feel any pain, discomfort, dizziness please stop and rest and do not continue until you have spoken to your doctor about how you feel.
  • Aim to drink a small bottle of water during each class to keep you hydrated.
  • The teacher in these videos on this site are in no way intended as a substitute for medical counselling. The creators, producers and participants of this programme disclaim any liability or loss in connection with the exercise and the advice therein.

For pregnancy yoga videos:

  • No over stretching, your tendons and ligaments are softening in pregnancy so please only stretch to 80%.
  • No breath retention, you can pause but never hold the breath.
  • No back bends.
  • No strong twists.
  • No lying on your abdomen.
  • No lying on your back after 14 weeks for more than a few minutes at a time.
  • No inverted postures.
  • No postures which require strong exertion.
  • No warriors or triangle postures.
  • No bouncing or jumping.
  • Every pregnancy and postnatal body is different so please listen to yours.
  • Pregnancy is a time for slowing down so please take your time and rest whenever you need to by sitting on the chair or floor or come to lie down.
  • If you have any signs of bleeding, spotting or any unusual pain, please ask the advice of your midwife or consultant before proceeding with classes.

For baby yoga videos

  • First of all its important we all work at our own level as we are all at a different stage in the postnatal recovery. We must give ourselves time to recover and heal in full.
  • Always work with a soft grip on babies limbs, not joints and work with your baby, not forcing them to do anything they don’t want to do.
  • Do change position if you’re not comfortable.
  • If your baby is not happy please change position or comfort them, stand if you need to.


Use your yogic breath with pelvic floor lift when lifting and carrying babies.
Gentle warm up movements freeing tension.
Work from the inside out, develop inner strength.
Gentle standing stretches.
Soften your shoulders.

Work your pelvic floor muscles with the postures.
Work with semi- supine rest with full yogic breath.
Twist, laying or sitting.
Bond with your baby.
Relax. Rest. Recover.
Nada yoga (sound practices)


Forget to keep your baby involved.
Move fast.
Do sit ups.
Stand with your feet wider then shoulder width.
Leave the room if your baby is crying, try changing position.

Most importantly listen to your body.

We wouldn’t do any of these things in the class so even if you have practiced yoga before please make adjustments when practicing at home.

Please make time for a relaxation at the end of your practice.

Please ask your health care professional before starting pregnancy or baby yoga classes

Everything I say comes from my qualifications and experience, I am not a health care professional so if you have any health concerns please see you midwife or doctor.

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