Each of my videos has been designed as a stand-alone yoga session but one does follow another.

The home baby yoga course is perfect for mums that want to induce baby to yoga to baby and enjoy some postnatal exercise themselves. You can work at your own pace and with your baby, if they need feeding or changing please pause the video and start again when baby is ready. This course is for babies over 6 weeks old not so much for the age of babies but before 6 weeks the new mum should be resting up and only working with very gentle exercise. This is a complete course of baby yoga, but you can repeat any of the session as much as you and baby would like to. With little babies that don't have their full head control yet please support their head as you move from posture to posture. As your baby becomes stronger enjoy bigger faster movements but keep looking at your baby and respond to what cues they are giving you. Communication with your baby is important, keep looking at your baby, talk to them, give them eye contact to help build the bond with you and baby and work with a soft touch when holding or stroking baby. They love touch and it helps to stimulate your baby. In each video, we repeat parts of each class, so baby starts to remember the sequence and knows what to expect. It also helps to build your confidence as you can also learn how to move with your baby. Everyone's postnatal bodies will be at a different stage when following this course so please listen to your baby. Work softly, with respect for your body and build strength from the inside out. If anything doesn’t feel good for you, please stop and change into a different position. Each session consists of a warm-up for adults, hip sequence for baby, stretches for mums seated or on hands and knees, then more movements for baby in your lap or on your knees. Sometimes we come to stand with baby, and I will guide you through how to do that safely. And we always enjoy a relaxation together with baby, a time to cuddle to fee and rest together. Choose a time when your baby is happy and wake and want to interact and play to enjoy your yoga session together. At the end of the session, baby may be hungry or sleepy even if it's not time for one of those things in there day. You know your baby better than anyone else so please do what is right for your baby and yourself.



This is the first session of the baby yoga course and it’s where we introduce baby to yoga. Make sure you're comfortable in how and where you sit and change posture if you're not. I will introduce you to the first hip sequence for baby so please hold baby with a soft grip and work together.

Building strength

We are starting to build strength in your body and babies’ body but only do what feels comfortable to you at this time. In this video, we begin to let the body flow with the flowing cat with sound for baby to enjoy. I will show you how to hold and move with baby in a safe way, so you take care of your body.

Tummy time

This is important for baby, but some babies find it very hard and tiring to be on their fronts. I will show you how to encourage tummy time for baby but in supported way that build their strength in their neck and backs.

Recognise and relax

I have designed this session for you to recognise how your body is feeling and if there is tension then to learn to let it release and relax. Take your time to move and flow from one posture to the next.


Use the foundation of this session but listen to your body and move in your own way. Keep connecting back to your body and your breath.


In this last part of the course we bring everything together and use all we have learnt to enjoy a session. We will stand, use kneeling postures, sit in with baby and come to rest together. Feel free to add movements from what you have learned in other sessions.Listen to your body, your breath and your baby.