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Discover how to listen to your body to ease through your pregnancy into a calm, controlled birth of your baby. I will guide you through. So join me and let’s get started.

It’s time to get prepared for birth and becoming a parent!

Hi, I’m Saffron.

Founder of Saffrons Yoga, yoga teacher, specialising in pregnancy yoga, yoga for birth and baby yoga.

I’m passionate about supporting women and their families in pregnancy, hypnobirthing, preparing for birth with the education of your body, the choices you have and listening to your intuition to take you forwards in to having a positive birth and onwards to be the best parent you can be!

Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga
benefits for pregnancy yoga
Pregnancy Yoga,  Tuesdays 5.30-7pm at Substation Macclesfield Baby Yoga, Thursday 10.30-11.30 and 12-1pm, at Substation Macclesfield

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Online Course Information

Online Pregnancy Yoga Course

Each of the pre-recorded videos has been created for you to enjoy as a stand-alone session, at your own pace, or followed as a series. You will feel what the benefits of pregnancy yoga are in each session but even more so from repeating each session more than once. In every session, I make sure we warm the body up with a gentle activation to allow the joints to be freed and warm up muscles. We will always incorporate breathing exercises into the session, with or without movement. After postures and sequences which stretch and strengthen your body, I will guide you through a deep relaxation. This is an important part of your pregnancy yoga session as it allows for energy to settle in your body, for you to rest deeply and for healing to take place.

I play the same piece of relaxation music in each session so you get used to that music and can learn to relax to it. All of the sessions are for people between 14-42 weeks of pregnancy – please adjust your position, with the chair, cushions or other props to suit your stage and most importantly listen to your body. As a trained Hypnobirthing specialist, I incorporate hypnobirthing techniques into each session.

I feel that it’s important to rest as much as you need to, so if you feel tired please take a break. I use a chair in most sessions, so please use it as much or as little as you need to. A birthing ball is also really beneficial if you have one. To prepare for each class, please have a strong sturdy chair nearby, a few cushions, a blanket and some water.

Online Baby Yoga Course

The at-home baby yoga course is perfect for mums who want to introduce baby to yoga and enjoy some gentle, postnatal exercise. With the pre-recorded sessions, you can work at a pace pace to suit you and your baby. Simply pause the video as and when you need to and start again when you are both ready. This course is ideally suited for babies over 6 weeks old – this is to ensure mum is ready for more active stretching and movement.

This is a course of six yoga sessions, but I have designed the classes so you can repeat them in any order, at any time. With little babies that don’t have full head control yet, please remember to support their head as you move from posture to posture. As your baby becomes stronger, enjoy bigger faster movements but keep looking at your baby and respond to what cues they are giving you.

Communication with your baby is key to help build essential bonds and trust. Keep looking at your baby and talk to them regularly, giving plenty of eye contact and soft, gentle touch.


“Thank you for teaching me how to do pregnancy yoga safely. Pam.”

“Mark and I found the birth prep session really helpful. I think Mark particularly enjoyed learning some techniques so he could feel more useful during labour, but also benefitted from seeing what we have been learning in pregnancy yoga (I admit, I’m rubbish at practising at home)! It was good that you demonstrated everything with your partner – I think it gave the men more confidence to get involved. The opportunity to ask questions and chat as a group was also really useful and we got a lot of from hearing about other people’s experiences.
We were really glad we came and would definitely recommend it to others.
Deborah x”

“Hi Saffron, I definitely feel like I am more prepared for birth now and more confident that I will be able to move around and use breathing techniques. Also learning about birthing positions has been great as that is something you don’t learn in any other antenatal classes.
Chatting to the other girls beforehand and hearing other people’s experience is also really helpful and has definitely given me a positive attitude towards birth.
I feel great after doing the yoga sessions – very relaxed and relieves any tension I have from the week. Monday night is always the best nights sleep.
Yoga has definitely helped with relaxation.
From doing yoga pre-pregnancy, the pregnancy yoga has definitely made me change my mindset towards yoga rather than pushing the stretches and positions, I have definitely been focusing on what feels good and relaxation. Thanks. Megan”

“I want to thank you as well for all your support through pregnancy as well as baby yoga. I was very anxious at the beginning of my pregnancy and your classes, with the relaxed atmosphere and open discussion, as well as the yoga and relaxation techniques themselves, really helped. If I am lucky enough to become pregnant again at any point, I will definitely aim to come back!
Thank you also for continuing classes during lockdown. Particularly in the early weeks, it was really nice to have the contact and hear how other mums were coping during such a strange time. It made me feel a bit less isolated and part of a little community.
Best wishes,

Lizzie and Felicity”

“I enjoyed spending quality time with my baby in each of Saffron’s classes.”

“The hypnobirthing undertone to the pregnancy yoga classes and the birth preparation classes were amazing and an added bonus that I didn’t realise would be getting when I signed up to pregnancy yoga. The relaxation music was equally beneficial and helped me to slip straight in to that calm and relaxed state of yoga classes during labour. The relaxed and supportive atmosphere that Saffron creates made it easy to chat to other women at the class – I am still in touch with a couple now and my baby is 14 months! Thanks again.”

“Hi Saffron it’s Tessa Oldham. Just to let you know I had my beautiful baby boy on Friday 28th August. He arrived at 7.25pm after just under 24 hours of labour and weighed 7lbs 15. I was booked in for an early induction on Friday morning due to low foetal movement which must have scared baby as my waters went on Thursday at 8pm. Went to hospital and was monitored till 3am. Had contractions every 5-10 minutes but they didn’t get any closer although I was dilating. I came home to see if a more natural environment would speed things along and spent the whole night with exactly the same. I went back in at 9 for induction but had dilated to 7cm so they let me continue naturally. Again I continued with very intense and long contractions that were on average 8 minutes apart (no pain relief). It was over these hours that the yoga really came in to play. I never sat down because the poses and moving and exercising made the contractions bearable and the experience calm. I did the tree in resting time and found squatting down into contractions really helpful. At some point I went into the delivery room and was 10cm but was put on a drip to help speed up the contractions ready for pushing. I took gas and air for the last hour and pushed for 20 minutes. I was on the bed at this point but was very tired and had stood up for 23 hours! The yoga really helped me through the pain and I felt brave, strong and in control. My advice? Breathe! Love my little Harry more than the world.

Thank you Saffron and good luck ladies!”

“Thanks for such an enjoyable year of yoga, from the pregnancy, to the new born and on to crawling. Freddie and I have really enjoyed bonding and moving in our favourite class.
Take care, hope to see you soon or with baby number 2!
Rachael Palmer”

“I benefitted from the relaxation, after every class I feel instantly relaxed and always sleep well which is much appreciated.”

“Hi. I feel a lot more in control of my breathing when I feel stressed and I am able to ‘return to my breath’ when I need to. I appreciate having the time to focus on my pregnancy and baby and I know that without pregnancy yoga I wouldn’t have dedicated as much time to this.
I’m now more aware of exercises to ease any tightness I may be feeling. For example, I regularly do the tabletop and flowing cat to ease tension in my back. I know how to adapt exercises to protect my pelvis and have been able to apply these to everyday movements too in order to prevent any over-stretching. I’ve also found the relaxations really helpful and I always sleep better afterwards – I actually find your relaxations a lot more effective than the ones in the online Hypnobirthing classes I’ve been doing! Thank you so much for continuing your classes remotely during lockdown. It’s made a huge difference for me to have that focus and have the opportunity to check in with other pregnant ladies. It’s nice to know there’s a community here still and that you’re not alone.
Kind regards,
Hannah x”

A pregnancy yoga student: “For me, the pregnancy yoga classes were brilliant – in the run-up to birth helping me to relax, stretch out and generally feel better. During labour, I was definitely less anxious about it, and as I was induced and the contractions came fast and furious, I used the visualisation techniques to get me through each one. I never realised how important these would become. Exercises aside, it has also been lovely to meet others before the birth of our babies – and then continue with baby yoga classes now all our beautiful babies have been born.”

“I’m suffering with restless legs which is really annoying when I’m trying to get to sleep but last night was the first night in ages I haven’t had it so the yoga/stretching must have helped! xxx Danielle Bennett”