Many mums to be are turning to pregnancy yoga to keep fit and as a form of relaxation

I will teach you yoga positions and movements that are safe for you and baby from 14 weeks of your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Yoga has been proven with research to help reduce the feeling of anxiety in women. The breathing techniques learnt in my classes help to reduce feels of worry or fear towards birth, you can use these breathing techniques in pregnancy and the birth of your baby and forwards to being a new parent.

The stretches and moves we practice help to release tension in your muscles and joints allowing you to move more freely. Then we work on strengthening the muscles needed to stay upright, forwards and active for as long as possible in birth.

The classes help you to understand your body and how it works and to start to listen to your body and your intuition. I invite you into the postures but I don’t know how your body feels and I won’t be there when you birth your baby, so I teach you how to listen to your body and move in a way that’s right for you now and in birth.

I am trained in hypnosis for birth, which means a relaxed focus state of mind, I will teach you how to achieve this and we will put it into practice while we move and practice birth positions.

While we stretch, move, strengthen, breathe, we are also connecting to baby, feeling them grow in your body, getting to know them and bonding with them. You may feel deeply connected to the baby before they are even born.

After movement, we need time to rest and relax. I will guide you through a deep relaxation at the end of every pregnancy yoga session so you learn what relaxation feels like to you and how you can go into a relaxed state in birth.

benefits for pregnancy yoga
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