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I have recorded this downloadable relaxation MP3 for you to use as much as you need. Its another tool for your toolkit to prepare you for your birth.

The MP3 pack includes:

Track 1- Breathing Relaxation. Focusing on your breath and your body. 17 Minuets
Track 2- A deep prenatal relaxation for you and baby. 25 Minuets
Track 3- Ball of light, stay relaxed. This relaxation is designed for you to listen to in bed and then drift of to sleep to. 14 minutes
Track 4- Ball of light, sit up. This relaxation brings you back up to a full wide away place, ready to continue with your day. 17 minutes
Track 5- Piano music, the same piece of music that is used in all of my live classes and on the Home Pregnancy Yoga course. 10 minutes

I have kindly been given permission to use this music from the author and he is paid a percentage from each download.

Please note that this is downloadable content only and not a physical product.

Class Times

Pregnancy Yoga Classes:

Mondays, 6pm.

Tuesdays, 7pm.

Baby Yoga Classes:

Tuesdays,  11am.

Wednesday,  1pm.

Wigglers to Walkers Class:

Not currently running.

Adult Yoga Classes:
Goddess Retreat Day, 28th June, in Macclesfield. Please get in touch for more details.

Useful Information

Face to Face classes are currently suspended due to the Corona Virus, I am holding classes online, which you can book here

Please email me at, if you would like to be part of my online community. All classes LIVE via Zoom.


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