Breathing technique to help reduce anxiety

Do you have feelings of anxiety or being overwhelmed?

I think most people do, mostly since we have all living through Covid.

These feelings present in a different way for everyone and have come from a different starting place for everyone. Some people know where and when they started, some people have no idea. They may have built up over time and developed.

We have no control over when and where we are when we have a wave of powerful all-consuming feelings that we don’t know how to get out of. These feelings can be short-lived or they can stay unwanted for some time. But what do you do in that moment? You might be with your kids or in public. Panic and fear can quickly set in.

I have developed a breathing technique that can be a lifesaver. If you know what to do you can get out of the situation quicker.

Stop, breathe and count. 

Stop, what you are doing. Make sure you are in a safe space.

Breathe, notice the physical movement your breath brings, the sound of your breath, and the sensation, warmth and coolness of the breath.

Count, the length of the in-breath, and the length of the out-breath, then add a count to the pause and create a longer out-breath if that feels right.

When ready, come back to your normal breath.

This will calm the central nervous system. Allowing you to take control again.