Guest blog: WellSheila shares her yoga tips for the budget-conscious 

I am delighted to share my first guest blog post from the wonderful Sheila Johnson, creator of, a health and wellness community and blog.

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Yoga Tips for the Budget-Conscious


By Sheila Johnson


A complete workout of body, mind, and soul – Yoga has so many benefits. But when you start any new exercise or hobby, it can be difficult to know what you might need, and which equipment and clothes to invest in. So here are my top four budget-friendly yoga tips to help you kick start regular yoga practice.


  1. Seek out the deals


The great news is, Yoga doesn’t require a ton of gear compared to sports such as rock climbing, but it is good to get some basics. Since yoga involves a lot of poses where you are lying down or sitting, a yoga or fitness mat is a good idea. However, simple blocks and bands aren’t necessary as a beginner in yoga practice, although they can be extremely helpful when learning new poses or trying to improve current flows. In fact, these items can boost your in-home practice while we wait for in-person classes to open up again.


But you don’t have to shell out for the most expensive yoga mat, in order to practice yoga. Instead, search for deals online. You can find second-hand sporting goods if you shop with online retailers like eBay, Exchange and Mart, and Preloved, or shop clearance items with other large sporting goods retailers.


If you don’t want to buy something new, there are a number of household items that can also double as yoga equipment. You can use a scarf, belt or necktie as a band, and wrap a rolling pin with a towel for your bolster. Fold over a towel or blanket to use as your yoga mat – they can provide a comfortable cushion to protect basic and beginner yoga poses. If you find yourself slipping, put on a pair of grippy socks for extra support.


  1. Change Things Up


Keep your yoga practice fresh and exciting to maintain your motivation. As Develop Good Habits explains, one of the simplest ways to do that is to push yourself out of your comfort zone and try new things. You can do this by switching up the location you practice or going to a new class where you don’t know anyone. The outdoors is a great place to practice yoga, so grab your mat and take a quiet half hour in the garden.


If you want to try a new class, keep it budget-friendly by searching for studios that offer supplemental information, pay as you go sessions or multiclass packages. Put quality at the forefront of your program, and a good instructor will provide you with skills and information that will last your lifetime.


  1. Follow Yoga teachers online or subscribe to some yoga YouTube channels


If you are looking to try yoga classes before you commit, there are plenty of great Yoga instructors sharing online content. And best of all, they are free. From full length classes, to the basic poses in simple 30 second videos, you can find loads of great content to explore. Grab a friend, or family member, and practice in the tranquillity of your own home with your favourite instructor.


  1. Focus on the mindfulness


Finally, resolve to start focusing inward when you practice yoga. This has several distinct benefits. First and foremost, it enhances the mindfulness aspect of yoga practice. The simple act of truly paying attention during your practice has ripple effects across your whole yoga journey and, indeed, your entire life.


When you focus, you’re more able to know how to lengthen and strengthen the muscles you need to improve. You’ll also find that you’re able to quiet your mind more easily during your day-to-day life. That mindfulness can reduce anxiety and stress and make it easier to navigate daily life challenges.


To encourage your focus and relaxation, also address your environment. Cut down on clutter, give your space a good cleaning, and check any negative thoughts at the door. Remember, this is a practice for your growth and health, and only good things can come of it.


Yoga spans the worlds of exercise, lifestyle, and spiritual practice. You can fully embrace your yoga goals without spending a ton, and you’re certain to feel the benefits across every aspect of your life. Enjoy your program as something unique to yourself and your life.


Photo Credit: Pexels