Birth Preparation Class

There is no session currently booked in but please get in touch if your interested in the next one.

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FAQs about Birth Preparation Class
I teach these classes about every 8 weeks. I invite you to bring your birth partner, who could be your husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, mum, sister, friend anyone that is and will support you through the pregnancy and birth of your baby. We will enjoy a yoga class where I aim to teach you both movements and birth positions where your partner can support you, breathing exercises and massage techniques.  Most of the birth positions you will know already as we have done them in class. If your interested but you cant do the date of the class please get in touch as I also teach the birth preparation class in your own home. I come to you and with your support will teach you everything you would do in the class.

The class helps your partner understand how they can help and what they can do to support you.

Who is it for? Anyone that is ready to do this session, most ladies are 30 weeks plus.
Who is the Yoga Teacher? Saffron Harrison and sometimes I invite my partner Andy to teach with me.
How long is the class? The classes are an hour and a half long, consisting of a welcoming open chat to see how everyone is doing, an activation together which is fun and relaxed, movements and postures using the chair and birthing balls, keeping your partner involved all the time and a time to relax together at the end of the session.
Do I need to book? Yes please get in touch to book as I only take 8 couples at a time.
What do I bring? Please bring a yoga mat if you have one or a towel for the floor, a cushion and a small bottle of water, your partner doesn’t need anything.
What do I wear? Wear comfortable clothes that you can stretch and move about easily in.
How much does the class cost? £30 per couple. 
How do I pay? Please pay online before the class, I will email you the payment details.