Baby Yoga times

Classes are currently suspended due to the Corona Virus, I am holding classes online. Please email me at, if you would like to be part of my online commumity.
Tuesdays 11am. At Macclesfield Library,  Jordangate, Macclesfield SK10 1EE. The next course starts on the 21st April. 5 weeks course £40.
Wednesdays 1pm. At Mother Natures Sanctuary, Bollington. The next course starts on the 22nd April. 5 week course £40.

My Baby Yoga classes help by; improving babies digestion, settle babies and improve their sleep, strengthen the physical body, improve blood flow, tone muscles, enhance flexibility, stimulate senses and is also a lot of fun!

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Baby Yoga helps you to; bond and communicate with your baby, build confidence in handling and understanding your baby, encourage positive self belief in your ability to care for baby, heal your body after a difficult birth, energies and empower yourself, release tension and relax .

Meet other mums, make friends and share your thoughts with like minded people who are all going through the same journey of motherhood! Stay for drinks, snacks and a chat after every session.

FAQs about Baby Yoga
What is Baby Yoga? Baby Yoga is a class of gentle stretching and strengthening exercises for you to do with your baby. You will work together to enjoy movements and exercises designs to strengthen and stretch babies body as well as mums. I will teach you postnatal exercises that work from the inside out to help tone the body. We have fun by singing songs and relaxing together.
Who is it for? Babies from 6 weeks till crawling. You can join before 6 weeks post birth if your getting your strength back, if you had a cesarean  birth I would recommend starting at about 12 weeks post birth.
Can I come if I’m a beginner? Yes! The classes are suitable for both beginners and for those that have practiced yoga before.
Who is the Yoga Teacher? Saffron Harrison
Is it every week? Its term time, but sometimes I run classes over the summer holidays also.
How long is the class? The classes are an hour, consisting of a welcoming open chat to see how everyone is doing, an activation, sitting and standing stretches always involving babies, a relaxation and snacks and drinks and time to chat to other mums at the end of the class.
Do i need to book? Yes please get in touch to book on to the course.
What do I bring? Please don’t bring anything, just you and baby, I will take care of everything else.
What do I wear? Wear comfortable clothes that you can stretch and move about easily in.
How much does the class cost? A 6 week course would cost £48. If there is space you can drop in weekly for £9 per class.
How do I pay? Please pay online before the class, I will send you my bank details once your ready to pay or in class on the first session.
Can I eat before the class? Yes a snack and a drink before the class is fine. It’s best to save having a big meal for after the class.
Do I need to check with my health care provider before the class? This yoga class is gentle, safe and beneficial for postnatal women, but its always a good idea to check with your doctor or health visitor before you start.