Hello, Im Saffron and this blog is all about the benefits of yoga for you and for your baby.

Pregnancy yoga is a brilliant way to stay healthy mentally, emotionally and physically in your pregnancy. Prenatal yoga sound like a great way to stay calm and prepare for labour but why is it so good for you?

1, Grounding.

Its important feel into your body and learn how your body feels now and in labour. The more you get to know your body the more you can trust that your body will open up to birth your baby. Grounding helps you to get to know your body and your intuition, to feel into your body and get out your head. The whole pregnancy yoga session is a time for you to rest and relax, to destress and find calm in your pregnancy.

2, Get out your head and into your body.

We spend so much time in our own heads, thinking about the what ifs and planning things we cant control. Most women like to be in control at all times.   For birth we need to not think, we need to trust the body knows what to do and let it happen. The breathing techniques you learn in pregnancy yoga help you to reduce anxiety in pregnancy and get you into a positive mindset for birth and becoming a parent.

3. Connect with baby.

While you try different yoga posture baby will feel them too, in some they will have more space and you may feel them move. You will get to know babies movement patterns and what they also like there for getting to know them a little better and feeling them grown.

4. Relief from discomfort.

Most women feel some discomfort in pregnancy, it maybe swelling, restless legs, back ache, heads or sciatic pain, pregnancy yoga can help to relieve these by stretches out the muscles then strengthening them. By realigning the body the body will feel more balanced and cope with the changes that pregnancy brings. The movements and sequences in a pregnancy yoga class help to bring much needed oxygen to your body and your babies body.

5. Being strong.

Building strength in your muscles in pregnancy will help you to stay active, up right and forwards in your labour which may shorten your labour time! Staying standing and moving helps to open your body and allows gravity to bring your baby down. The yoga postures you lean in pregnancy yoga can be used in labour to birth your baby.

Your body is designed to give birth, its made for it, it knows how to birth your baby, its our mindset that holds fears and worries. Try a 20 minutes pregnancy yoga class to feel the benefits for yourself.

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